Radiations and Dirty Electricity Affecting Human Health

Due to the constant exposure to the electromagnetic radiations, the issues related to the radiations affecting the human health are increasing. With the continuous improvement in the modern science and technology we have seen a huge escalation in the growth of radiation generating equipments. Whether it be cell phones, cell phone base stations, lightening lamps etc. we are continuously or uninterruptedly getting exposed to the electromagnetic radiations. With the continuous growth in the coverage area, internet speed etc. there are more and more mobile phone stations being installed and the issues relating to these are of high interest to the entire society. The growth of such electronic equipments that generates radiations and their interaction with the human health has raised the concern of whether the radiations are harmful to the human health or not. This review paper will give an insight into the negative impacts of these radiations on a human body.

Singh, L., Mahajan, R., & Bagai, D. (2017). Radiations and Dirty Electricity Affecting Human Health.