Electrical pollution is not something you can see, smell, taste, or touch.

Electrical pollution, otherwise known as dirty electricity is a term used to describe a type of electrical phenomenon occurring worldwide. However, the phenomenon is not widely known, and can be complex to understand. Research and case studies have shown that consumers should learn about electrical pollution, how it is controlled and measured, the health effects, and public protection against electrical pollution.

Electrical pollution is not something you can see, smell, taste, or touch. It is not something you can sense, making it difficult for one to be aware of the presence of electrical pollution. With this in mind, it is important to understand what causes electrical pollution and what to look for in your everyday environment.


The Exploding Problem of Dirty Electricity

The sheer volume of modern electronics and appliances in homes and other settings has increased at a dizzying rate. While, this proliferation of electrical devices has made our lives more efficient and convenient, it has also contributed to a potentially harmful form of electro-pollution known as dirty electricity.

Dirty electricity is unusable electromagnetic energy that is created by many electrical devices as they operate. It is caused by interruptions in the flow of normal 60-Hertz AC (alternating current) power traveling through wires and electrical systems in homes and other buildings. These interruptions result in voltage spikes, or surges, as well as frequency variations (also called high frequency voltage transients) that combine to form a complex and potentially harmful electromagnetic field.


Biological Impacts


Electrical pollution has known biological effects on people in environments effected by this invisible environmental toxin.

Dirty Electricity Research


Research and case studies showing the effects and causes of electrical pollution, including possible health effects of prolonged exposure.

What to Do About It


There are many easy to implement strategies to improve your life and decrease dirty electricity in your environment.


Effects of Modern Life

In 1984, the World Health Organization reported that up to 30% of newly-built buildings may cause acute illness in individuals residing in them for long periods of time. Today it is even worse. The stresses of modern life have significantly increased in the past 2 decades, not just in job stresses, but in unhealthy environments around them at work and also at home. Think of all of the devices, screens, electronic equipment, chemical pollution and unnatural living we experience everyday.

We as humans must reduce these stressors for the sake of our health and well-being.

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The World Health Organization states through their EMF project "EMF exposure now occurs to varying degrees to all populations of the world, and the levels will continue to increase with advancing technology. Thus, even a small health consequence from EMF exposure could have a major public health impact."

Over 80% of countries in the world have legislation on exposure to electromagnetic fields!


Dirty Electrictity Research


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